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The benefits of Eco- friendly- Alpaca Wool Clothing

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The benefits of Eco- friendly- Alpaca Wool Clothing. Alpaca Wool has a wonderful handle, often so soft that you can wear right next to your skin, It’s extremely warm, is the strongest of yarns, lightweight, and very water resistant. A little Alpaca History Alpacas are found indigenously only in South America, especially along the west-central part of the continent, in the countries of Chile, Bolivia, and Peru, with a very high concentration around Lake Titicaca, a body of water high in the Andes Mountain Range that straddles the border between Bolivia and Peru. Alpaca Fleece Alpaca fleece first captured the attention of the ancient Incan royalty hundred of years ago. Clothing for the royal family and high government officials was made exclusively from alpaca fiber. In fact, reverence for the buttery soft, luxurious alpaca clothing caused alpaca to become known as “The Fiber of the Gods”. Men’s Alpaca Socks for winter in Australia Alpaca is known to be extremely warm. One reason is that alpaca has tiny hollow pockets in the centers of many individual alpaca fibers. These areas hold the warmth. Ask anyone who wears it; alpaca is really warm! Think Alpaca Socks produced in fine gauge to coarse thick socks from machine to hand-made, generally in Australia men prefer Alpaca Socks all year round as they breath beautifully. In addition, alpaca fiber is known to be extremely strong. People have long observed that alpaca is very water resistant some say water repellent and wicks moisture away from the body in knitted and woven fabric. This wicking characteristic is important in Australian socks for diabetics and for people living in cold or hot climates. The men who are fans of alpaca socks tell us that the socks are very warm and that their feet don’t feel sweaty while wearing them. Thus, while wearing alpaca socks, one’s feet remain comfortable in cold, damp conditions. The superior qualities of Alpaca fleece has given birth to many countries adopting the Alpaca to produce gorgeous clothing such as mens Alpaca socks, scarves, hats and gloves for protection against hot and cold days. In Australia Alpacas are much liked as they protect sheep flocks from predators and possess a happy friendly nature , always helpful around children. Alpaca tends to be low allergenic, comfortable and breathable by wearers. Many people who cannot wear wool, report that they can wear alpaca with no allergic reaction. In some people this may be because there is no lanolin or lanolin residue in an alpaca garment. Alpaca is reported to resist odors better than other fibers, even in socks worn by men living in camp sites. Alpaca tends to have a somewhat lower prickle factor than merino wool. This gives a luxurious feel when wearing Alpaca socks and accessories inparticular mens underwear made of this unique material. Alpaca comes in 22 gorgeous natural colors ranging from white to true black and including delicate beiges, vicuna-like fawns, luscious rich browns and a full range of grays. No other fiber animal produces so many colors. Alpaca is the only fiber animal that grows true black fleece. Thus, no dye is required to produce alpaca yarn in this large range of earth colors, making it particularly eco-friendly. Yet, when other colors are desired, alpaca accepts dye beautifully. Alpaca is a versatile, warm, strong, water resistant fiber which is produced on gentle, hardy animals. As a bonus, this wonderful fiber grows on the backs of ‘green’ animals. Eco- friendly alpacas are easy keepers who are light on the land, making them ideal fiber animals to raise, even on small acreage. A renewable natural product is a comforting thought when purchasing men’s clothing, especially online. A wish list when looking for planet friendly men’s organic clothing online in Australia. Pure Wool Socks. Soft luxurious Merino wool that is grown in Tasmania from Farmers that respect their animals and maintain the land to produce exceptional sheep’s wool that is known for its superb quality throughout the world. Mens Possum Socks This fairly new Possum fibre has been developed out of necessity in New Zealand and is starting to be recognised for its lustre, warmth and pure luxury. Possum Socks are considered top-notch Australian Socks. Bamboo Dress Socks and Bamboo Business Socks Bamboo is environmentally friendly a renewable source and provides the wearer with cool feet. Yep if you have smelly feet, bamboo is the answer. Sweet feet is as easy as shopping online at boutique stores that want to provide more than just average clothing. Australian underwear for men has never had so many options. If 2015 is any gauge of what’s to come, online menswear retailers need to step it up and provide customers with real clothing made from Alpaca, Possum and pure Merino wool or be left behind. To view what is possible go to http://www.tommyrough.com/
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