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Title:Online Spreadsheet Software
Category:Business: Software

Row Zero is a powerful spreadsheet tool that is used for weekly business review metrics, financial planning and analysis, business intelligence, dashboard creation, supply chain management, scientific computing, and many other types of big data analysis. The product is 100 times faster than Excel and connects to data repositories, like Snowflake, Redshift, Postgres, and BigQuery. Row Zero is used by companies ranging startups to big businesses to perform their last-mile data analysis. Row Zero gives businesses a fast and affordable way to analyze their data in the cloud without learning anything new. Every business user knows how to use a spreadsheet and Row Zero integrates that familiar UI with the power typically only found in expensive and inaccessible BI tools. The product combines the performance benefits of columnar data stores with the power of cloud computing architecture and responsiveness of a spreadsheet. Row Zero enables data import from hosted data repositories and upload from local computers, making it easy for anyone to work with big data sets in a familiar spreadsheet format that can be turned into dashboards and shared across teams, business units, and organizations.

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